Our company was founded by Béla Tarcsányi in 1982. Béla Tarcsányi has more than 50 years of professional experience in the field of machine-tool industry.
By 2002, we have managed to achieve a workshop area of 1600 m2, with more than 60 machines and 20 employees to provide services for you and for the industry.
Our main plant is based in Budapest, and we also have one rural plant (Délegyháza).

In the manufacturing process of our cutting tools, we use the most up-to-date and most modern 3D designer, simulation and manufacturing programs.
Our production and control processes are made with new, 5 and 6 spindle-controlled CNC tool-grinding centers ,and with CNC tool-measuring machine in a climatized environment.
Besides the traditional machines, we have a new 4-spindle machining-center, a new CNC turning machine, and a wire cutting machine.

Thanks to our well equipped plant ,our company has become an important factory in Europe by the 21st century, and it has the relevant experience and expertise in complex cutting and in tool manufacturing.

Our young and qualified team will help you save time and money, with boosting your existing technology used for your specific projects and overall machining tasks, considering your existing machine-range and the raw-material quality of the workpiece,
Our company is not only present in Hungary, but also in Europe and in the American continent, where we deliver tools with high customer satisfaction.

We introduced the ISO 9001:2000 standard in 1998 and the ISO-13485 quality assurance system in 2006, which guarantee and ensure the permanent quality and reliability of our products.


Our main profile:

1). Manufacturing of steel cutting tools. (Unique and general)
2). Renewal, re-sharpening and coating of tools used in steel industry. (Balzers)



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